Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not a fox

I tried to make the fox but it turned out to be a bear! No, no. What really happened is... the fox just didn't work for me. I'm a beginner at crochet so I'm sure it's my lack of skill rather than the pattern. Maybe my gauge was wrong. (Does crochet even have gauge?) Anyway the head looked like a pumpkin so I knew I was in trouble. So to boost my confidence I made this bear from Ana Paula Rimoli's book 'Amigurumi world: seriously cute crochet'. I feel better now.

Here's a bit more cute - two dog pals waiting patiently outside the Grey Lynn Farmers Market last Sunday. I recommend the market. We bought passionfruit, lemons, bread, delicious yellow plums (actually plums crossed with apricots!) and seedlings for our own vege garden.

And, appropriately called 'Best in show', this object of desire is from Papercup. Isn't it a winner?

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Anonymous said...

Wow I really like the bear, its so cute!