Sew a hot water bottle cover

This hot water bottle cover is made from a woollen sweater. It has a 'flip top' opening so that you can fill and empty the hot water bottle without removing the cover. 

 1. To make a pattern - trace around your hot water bottle, add a seam allowance all round and cut out. Divide into thirds.

2. Deconstruct your sweater by cutting up the side seams, removing the sleeves and cutting across the shoulders.

3. Cut out three hot water bottle cover pieces - a back and two overlapping fronts. Cut one front from the bottom of the hottie up to the dotted dividing line and the second front from the solid dividing line to the spout. Place the front pattern pieces along the bottom edge of the sweater so that the dividing lines match up with the ribbed edge of the sweater.

 4. Sew. Layer up the pieces right sides together pinning the top front onto the back and then overlapping the bottom front on top of that. Sew around leaving the spout open. Fit the cover on your hottie and adjust if necessary for a good fit. Neaten and trim the seam. Narrow hem the spout opening.

 5. To make the flip top - turn a sleeve inside out and slide the ribbed cuff over the spout. Run in the sleeve seam if it's too big. Pin to mark length. Sew across the sleeve in a curved seam. Trim and neaten the seam. Turn right side out and attach to the back of the cover with a few hand stitches.

 6. Be warm.

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psichick said...

Thanks for this! Needed some ideas and I have decided to make a cover out of an old sweater. You are so smart to have it flip open! Thanks for the idea :)