Sunday, June 18, 2017

hello tangelo

Three little re-makes because it's the little things that count.

A new succulent - a stapeliad, I think - bought from the Tauranga farmers' market in its newly painted sleepy head pot. I don't know why but I'm thrilled with this. Possibly because I think about projects for such a long time - about how to do it and what could go wrong - so that when I do make the thing and it works out ok it's a huge relief to me.

I wasn't happy with the pyramid lavender bag that I made last week so it's now a regular old rectangle. But it was doing such a wonderful job that I added a ribbon to another bag so that I could hang two bags in the wardrobe to intensify that fantastic lavender smell. I made the embroidered bag ages ago from a salvaged moth eaten tablecloth that belonged to my mother. It's lovely to have some little part of her in my home.

And, finally, this is the tea cosy that used to be covered in tiny flowers but I tired of them a few years ago and chopped them all off - even though they took me ages to make and to sew on. So for a while the yellow teapot wore a sad looking beanie/cosy thing until yesterday when I realised that what it needed was a bright orange pompom.

Reading: We have always lived in the castle (1962) by Shirley Jackson - described as "gothic horror" this is certainly a bit of a creepy thriller

Watching: The handmaid's tale - haunting, engrossing and shocking tv series based on Margaret Atwood's novel of the same name and starring Elizabeth Moss


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