Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Channelling Jane

I listened to Jane Brocket who advises buying quilt fabric whenever you see any that you really love rather than waiting to buy it when you have a particular project in mind. The yellow nursery fabric with bunnies and geese and kittens is from Spotlight. Its a lovely custard yellow and I bought 2 metres I loved it so much. I might use it as a backing. I'm not thinking about the next quilt but having nice fabric on hand does make it tempting to contemplate.

I found the two grey fabrics at a market in Wellington. You can also get these fabrics here. I especially like the dog fabric - chasing a red ball with a blue mouse and trails of little paw prints everywhere. Perfect.

And speaking of dogs ... meet the "debonair dachshund". He is from an old knitting book Double knitting toys - one of the Weldons Practical Knitting series. I'd guess it's from the 1950s. The book has patterns for nine toys : lamb, teddy, doll, ball, golly, dachshund, rabbit, clown and elephant. But I thought the dog was the cutest although the more I look at him the odder he seems. But his face really is cute and I love that he's described as having "an engaging air that appeals to young and old." Very important.

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