Monday, December 5, 2011

Blue Rabbit

I often make glove rabbits - like this one - as gifts for new babies. But I'm losing my nerve about the handmade gift. We like to think that a handmade gift will become a treasured belonging but not everyone is going to like the stuff you make. Will they feel compelled to keep it just because you made it and they appreciate the effort and time involved? Maybe it's better to go to a store and buy something they can exchange?
Of course, this then raises the question about what to do with the stuff you make. Even though there is much joy in giving, I've decided no more handmade gifts. I'll continue to make things but only for myself and for anyone who asks.
So... I changed my mind about Blue Rabbit and decided to keep him for myself. I've sat him on my work table. He seems pretty content even though he looks a little on the sad side. Maybe he needs a friend. He reminds me of the song we used to sing at school Run, rabbit. Run, rabbit. Run! Run! Run! Do you remember it?

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