Monday, December 10, 2012

new things

Here are some new pieces for my Crown Lynn collection. I bought the cups and saucers from Aunty Mavis. I think they are 1980s and probably from the 'Avondale' range but I'm not certain. The egg cups - I've been collecting for a while, buying the odd one here and there.

The dog is not Crown Lynn and even though it looks a lot like a Staffordshire poodle I'm sure it's a fake. It does have "made in England" stamped on the base but, more interestingly, it also has a red and gold sticker that says "Selected at Eunice Chick Gift Shoppe, 31 Wellesley St., Akld." All I've been able to find out is that the shop was demolished along with other buildings in 1963 to make way for the new library. The dog itself is pretty weird with a strange almost human face and a sad (or is it aloof?) expression. But I think it's wonderful. I should give him/her a name. What do you think?

Also purchased at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair on Saturday - did you go? - were two sets of "Summer flower papercut" cards by Melissa from tiny happy and the latest copy of extra curricular. Extra curricular has some of Melissa's water colours in it and a tutorial by Joanna Davies on how to make a terrarium. Terrariums would make great Chrissie presents, I reckon.


Fiona @ Brave New Vintage said...

Nice bounty! And yes, loving terrariums, just made one today! I had some sad succulents and a big ol olive jar and hey presto, a terrarium. Good ol black thumbs here has probably killed the cactus but at least I got one pic. I would love to receive a terrarium for christmas so I think you should make some for your xmas recipients. I mean, who wouldn't want one? BTW the dog looks like an Algenon (spelling?) to me (you know, 'The Importance of Being Ernest'?) lol. xxx Fi

Jo said...

Ooo I love them all! I managed to gather quite a few Crown Lynn / Kelston side plates for my wedding reception - I just need to sort them all out now and find cupboard space for them all!

Camilla Engman said...

:) he has a lovely expression, a littlee grumpy