Sunday, August 4, 2013

baby, baby

- red flame tree flowers - seen everywhere at the moment. The flame tree is one of those deciduous trees that flowers in spring before it has its new leaves so a big tree full of bright red flowers looks amazing.

- another baby beanie about to be wrapped in tissue and posted off to my new soon-to-be-born great great nephew, Oliver

- a pair of booties I knitted and crocheted onto sheepskin soles using this kit. I'm pleased with how they turned out - they'll be toasty warm - but they were impossible to photograph as they are a dark navy colour and fluffy (I used a possum merino yarn). Maybe next week I can reveal a big secret and tell you who they are for.

Have a good week.

Listening By the horns by Julia Stone + Reading The liberty tree by Suzanne Harrington

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Emma Elliott said...

I love these booties Barbara wished they'd fit me lol lovely colours hope your well xxxx