Monday, November 18, 2013

everywhere a pom-pom

I've been finding it so hard to stop making pom-poms that I've had to invent things to do with them. Hence my latest joy - pom-pom magnets! They are super easy and look strangely cute on the fridge.

Here's how to make them:
You'll need wool, cardboard, self adhesive magnetic sheet (the plastic kind that advertising comes on), scissors, things the right size to trace around, pencil
1. make a pom-pom using two rings of cardboard about 5cm (2ins) across
2. holding close to the knot of the wool string you've tied the pom-pom with, fluff the pom-pom up and away from your hand to make a flat area
3. cut a circle from the magnetic sheet about 3 cm across and press firmly onto the flattened part of your pompom
4. stick on your fridge and admire

Reading One good turn by Kate Atkinson + Listening to Aloe Blacc + Eating strawberries straight from the garden

1 comment:

Emma Elliott said...

Love these like fridge funky fluff balls. Have you made a garland out of them too!