Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm back

Had a fabulous trip. This is my favourite photo - a highland terrier - taken in Edinburgh. You can see other photos here, if you want.

Didn’t make it to either of the London craft fairs. When you live in a city with a rubbish public transport system, you assume that every other city is efficient – that you can get on the tube and zap across London in next to no time. I’d forgotten that, in fact, it can takes ages. We landed at Heathrow and the day was all but over by the time we got to our friends in Wimbledon.

Since I’ve been back I’ve turned into a domestic goddess - of sorts. I even cleaned the fridge! Now I’m about to begin making my very first quilt - for a friend’s first grandchild due in November. It’s a simple beginners quilt taken from 'Quilts, baby!' And here are my fabrics – all washed and ready to cut. Wooo.

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