Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Craft = process

I've wanted to make a quilt for years and now that I've started one I'm not sure if I like the process. And it's all about the process! First, there was the nightmare of choosing the fabrics. This sounds like it would be fun but really...Then there's the frustration of accurately cutting out all the patchwork bits. Apparently it's easier if you use a rotary cutter but they cost $$$$ so scissors had to do. I snipped away hoping that a bit of wonkiness would add to the quilt's handcrafted charm. Anyway, I've made good progress and finished the top. Hoorah!

And, actually, I'm quite pleased with it. However, I’m now up to the tricky bit – putting all the layers together and doing the quilting. By hand. Why did I take this on? So it’s off to the specialist quilt shop this weekend to get more stuff - quilters needles and thread and hoop. I’ve been freaking out about how long it’s taking. Baby is due Nov 15. I should have it finished by then, right?

Anyway… Enough wingeing from me. How’s this for sweaters of desire from luflux? Time to finish that quilt and get out the knitting needles. Grrrr.

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