Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Five faves, week two

I'm loving this 5 faves thing started on Meet me at Mikes. It's so positive.
Here are my five for this week:

1. 'Bobby Dazzler's make your own misfits' book. It has 35 patterns for softies including this slug that I made. Slimy. Slimy.

2. Bento lunch box bands. I bought this cute blue one that has "happy balloon" printed on it. I put it around my diary to keep all those extra notes, tickets, photos etc from falling out. Ingenious! Thanks to Craftster here's how to make one.

3. Another book - 'The creative habit' by Twyla Tharp - to help get your creative yah-yahs out.

4. My pantry! Over Easter it got emptied, cleaned, decluttered, re-organised, re-packaged and labeled. It actually looks pretty much how it used to but now I can find stuff. I stand at the door gazing into its depths of orderliness.

5. Bruce the bull terrier (my most favourite dog breed) as seen on Astulabee - one of my favourite blogs. He is so adorable. More photos here.

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