Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bad acorn loves his Mum.

I've revisited the acorn and come up with this bad guy. I'm pleased with the embroidery but not sure if I've got his proportions right yet. More work required, I think.

Meet me at Mikes is running a "five favs" - post five of your favourite things for the week. Actually not that easy as these aren't your favourite things of all time but new, of-the-moment favourites.
So, here're mine...
1. Feijoas fresh off the trees in my garden. Yum!
2. My favourite new blog Hodge Podge Farm
3. where I discovered Cal Patch's fabulous book on patternmaking, Design-it-yourself clothes. I'm so enthusiastic about it. It's a skill I've longed to master.
4. My new Kathmandu puffer jacket. It's crazy but I find myself hoping we have a cold Winter so I can wear it heaps.
5. The World Cinema Showcase - wee film festival currently showing in Auckland.

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