Monday, February 28, 2011

Monsieur Moustache

This really has been a long, long project. But at last I've conquered the raindrop! The breakthrough came when I switched from sewing to knitting - thanks to inspiration from Anna Hrachovec's book Knitting Mochimochi.

I am proud to say that this is entirely my design and pattern. And here is it for you to create your own cupboard full of raindrops.

double knitting wool
set of 4 x 4mm (6 US) double-pointed needles
stuffing (and pellets, optional)
felt for moustache (optional)
eyes - buttons, safety eyes, felt, embroidery floss etc

Finished size: About 13 cms (5 inches) tall

beg = beginning
Inc = increase by knitting through the front and back of the stitch
K = knit
tog = together

This is knitted in the round from the bottom up, so you need to add stuffing (and safety eyes) as you go.

To help the raindrop stand, I weighted it by adding plastic stuffing pellets. I put these into a little pouch made from a scrap of light weight fabric. Cut a circle about 14cm (6.5 inches) in diameter, stitch around the edge and then pull the ends of the thread to gather up the circle into a little pocket. Tip in some pellets and stitch closed to form a rough ball shape. I put a bit of stuffing in the bottom of the raindrop and sat the pellet "ball" on top, then pushed stuffing in all around it.

Cast on 6 sts and K 1 row.
Divide the sts equally between 3 needles.
1st round: Inc in every st (12 sts)
2nd and alternate rounds: K
3rd round: Inc. in every st (24 sts)
5th round: (Inc., k3), repeat to end (30 sts)
7th round: (Inc., k 4), repeat to end
9th round: (Inc., k 5), repeat to end
11th round: (Inc., k6), repeat to end
13th round (Inc., k7), repeat to end
15th round (Inc., k8) repeat to end (60 sts)
K 3 rounds without shaping
19th round: (K2 tog, k8) repeat to end
21st round: (K2 tog, k7) repeat to end (48 sts)
23rd round: *K2 tog at beg and end of each needle.
K 2 rounds, without shaping*
Repeat from * to * 2 more times (30 sts)
Next round: **K2 tog at beg and end of each needle.
K3 rounds, without shaping**
Repeat from ** to ** 2 more times (12 sts)
Next round: K2 tog to end
K 1 round, without shaping
Next round: K2 tog to end (3 sts)
Break wool and thread through remaining 3 sts. Weave in the end.

I have tested this pattern - but only once. So if there are any errors, please let me know.
And, if you do make a raindrop for yourself - I'd love to see it. Happy knitting.

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