Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last chance baking

Our builder is about to start work anytime now on our new kitchen and bathroom. We're in a limbo state - trying to pack up the kitchen but wanting to leave it as functioning as possible until it's absolutely necessary to abandon it. Ironically the cookbook I ordered, Cake angels by Julia Thomas, arrived on Friday. I thought today might be my last chance to bake. During the rebuild we will be cooking out of a makeshift kitchen using only a barbeque, electric frypan and a rice cooker. No oven. So, even though I should be wrapping plates in newspaper and packing them away in cartons, I made Julia's carrot bar recipe instead. And it was so worth it.

If you grow fruit and vegetables then this is the apron for you. I found it in Sewing made easy, first published in 1950. It's a big scoopy apron with a drawcord that you can tighten to form a large pocket - or basket - to collect all your ripe produce. Or maybe you could use it to hold your clothes pegs. Isn't it such a simple and wonderful idea?

Eating tomatoes from the garden + Reading At home : a short history of private life by Bill Bryson

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