Sunday, April 22, 2012

everything is white and a big apple

The rooms in my house are empty and white as painting begins/progresses.  Its a little odd but I quite like the emptiness of it. It reminds me of this painting by Maira Kalman that I saw in the book Maira Kalman: various illuminations (of a crazy world) by Ingrid Schaffner. I don't know what the painting is called or if it's of a 'real' house but I love the dots. It looks like the house is riveted together.


And this is a big apple. It's a Monty's Surprise which, apparently, is a unique New Zealand variety and is the best anti-cancer eating apple in the world. It tastes quite nice - a little bit tart and firm but not super juicy. I'll grate some into my bircher muesli tomorrow morning. And probably every morning for the rest of the week!

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