Saturday, April 7, 2012


This Easter we've been working on the house. We need to strip the wallpaper from a bedroom and the hallway so that the painter can start work on Tuesday. It's quite a satisfying job in some ways. We've discovered layers of wallpaper under the wallpaper. One room even had wallpaper under the wall lining! I managed to rescue a bit of a particularly interesting wallpaper. It's hard to tell its age from such a small piece. Is it 1960s? 70s?
We'll be painting the bedroom and hallway but I have chosen some wallpaper, 'Mushroom soup' by Ferm Living, for one wall of the pantry.
As our renovation gets closer to finishing I'm afraid life will get more complicated as we squeeze ourselves into an ever smaller space so that rooms can be left empty for painting and floor sanding. But it means we're nearly done. Exciting!

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