Friday, July 20, 2012

charity stores and wombles

I love going to charity craft stores. They are nearly always full of amazing knitting at good prices. But mostly I love that so many people busily knitted for hours and hours. The stores vibrate with industry. And I wonder about the makers. Right or wrong I imagine an army of grandmothers sitting by their fires fortified with tea and knitting, knitting, knitting. I'm so glad when I can support them.

I bought the owl tea cosy at Dunsandel. I've admired these for some time but didn't think my crochet skills were up to making one myself. It fits my little black teapot perfectly. The gloves are from Variety Handcrafts in Dunedin and, as you can see, (as well as being an amazing green colour) they are knitted sideways. I've never seen this before but I've found a similar pattern here should you want some too. They are knitted on two needles and for each glove you make a front and a back and then sew them together. Genius.

The pillow cases were a vintage find - still bright and fresh. I think The Wombles, as supporters of recycling, would be pleased that these pillow cases that have probably been around for 30 years are still being used.

Reading 365 thank yous by John Kralik 

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ARTwendy ... said...

These wombles are amazing! This pillow cases are a treasure ... love them! Yeah ... I love great knitted finds too ... usually find wonderful items at a regular hunt at our riBer ...