Monday, July 2, 2012

posy cosy

This is what I've been working on - a flowery tea cosy inspired by Jane Brocket's design that I admire greatly. I made my own version using cartridge-belt rib and worked out my own shaping to fit my fat yellow teapot. I got a bit carried away with the flowers. They take a bit of practice but Jane Brocket gives good instructions in her book.

 Tea cosy from The gentle art of knitting by Jane Brocket

"Bouquet" tea cosy from Fontana gift and novelty book #61

I found this version in an old knitting booklet from the 1950s. It's more ornate but the same general idea. I'd love to see it in colour.


peli said...

this is so cute and beautiful!!!
in fact i've never seen something similar and it caught my eye immediately!
really beautiful!

gardenglut said...

I really love your version. It is gorgeous.

Claire said...

Love the colour contrast of the cosy against the flowers.

I'm a tea cosy fan and yours is great. Well done.....
I'm sure you'll find yourself drinking more tea now, just so you can use the cosy....

Claire :}

Debra said... it!!

ARTwendy ... said...

gorgeous ... think yours is my fav