Monday, March 25, 2013

seed raising

After my seed gathering adventures I decided to make my own biodegradable pots from newspaper to germinate my seeds and grow the seedlings. There are many tutorials showing you how to do this. I used this one where you simply roll newspaper around a jar or bottle. At first the pots seem as if they'll unfold themselves but once you fill them with soil, they are fairly robust. Alternatively, you can make origami pots. I've planted some of the Aristea seeds and also gathered a few seeds from some pansies growing in my garden to plant up later.

My panda plant cuttings are still green - and not grey as they should be - but they are now big enough to re-pot so I put them into old jam jars turning them into (sort of) mini terrariums. And I re-potted a sad little cactus into a badly crazed but favourite Crown Lynn cup.

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