Wednesday, June 11, 2014

winter picnic

We took our little van down to the Clevedon Farmers' Market a couple of weekends ago and stocked up on fresh salad greens and tomatoes, spicy sausage, local cheeses and bread. Then we found this spot on the road to Maraetai to tuck in to our simple picnic feast. That's Waiheke Island across the water. It felt like an adventure - that we'd discovered a hidden treasure - and not that far from the big city.

Reading: Fashionable Selby by Todd Selby. This is a great book. The best quote is "Cats are like living ornaments that don't need dusting" said by designer Natalie Gibson who has twelves cats - Cool Dude, Blondie, Pansy Puffball, Precious, Scaredycat, Orlando, Florence, Sweet Lorraine, Tiger Lily, Archie, Smokey Robinson and Monroe (who was originally called Marilyn until it was revealed she was a tom cat). Meet Natalie here.

Watching: Fargo (TV series) and Borgen

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