Sunday, August 14, 2011


I've been a knitter for a very long time and I have never blocked a piece of knitting. However, I've just finished knitting this little scarf and the instructions say "block to size". As it's a birthday gift I wanted it to be near perfect so, for the very first time, I'm blocking. The scarf has cables and I was worried that blocking might flatten it and destroy the texture of the pattern. (The photo shows the back of the work). Of course, I had to look online to find out how to block.

There are various methods: wet blocking by spraying, wet blocking by soaking, and steam blocking. Wet blocking by spraying seemed to be the method most likely to result in the least amount of damage. So, again, following instructions, I pinned the scarf out to size on a towel on my ironing board and sprayed it with cold water. It needs to be completely dry before removing. I left it overnight but it's still slightly damp so I don't know how successful or worthwhile blocking is yet. But how badly can it turn out? Eek!

And while I'm knitting wintery things, spring is erupting in my garden with these gorgeous freesias. It's nice to bring some inside out of the rain and wind. Their perfume fills a room.

I should clarify from my last post that the baby I'm making the quilt for is not MY baby but the grandchild of friends.

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