Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A small, useful thing

Finally I have a needle case and it is a joy. I no longer have to rummage around trying to find the right needle. It gives me pleasure to pick up my needle case and turn the felted wool pages. And, when I'm finished with it, I love to slip the needle back into its place.

I'd been meaning to make one for some time but because I'd never actually seen one I wasn't sure how rigid the 'cover' needed to be. Did it need some sort of stiffening like wadding or cardboard or interfacing? Or was it almost floppy - made from just two layers of fabric? In the end I used a lightweight wool, lined it with a cotton print and stitched a layer of a firmish interfacing in between. I'm quite happy with the result but feel there are infinite possibilities for development/improvement. Maybe a squarer shape would be nice. I'll definitely need to make more. Apparently this is the downside of the needle case - you can never have just one.

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